IoT Gateway

Your key to the Internet of Things.

Wouldn't it be great to get a ready-to-install solution with a connection to Industry 4.0? And preferably one that one that can also be used in existing systems? We have just the right thing for you: An IoT gateway that lets you connect the tried-and-tested Festo controller and valve terminals CPX to the cloud. Here, data is collected, analysed and evaluated and then displayed directly on the corresponding Festo Dashboard. You will thus always have full control over your systems, wherever you are, as well as the ability to further optimise them.

IoT gateway CPX-IOT: Hardware for unlimited communication.

The industrial IoT gateway in the CPX module format collects information about the status of your Festo devices via Ethernet and a standardised communication protocol. It then sends this information to the cloud via a second Ethernet port. Data security is guaranteed thanks to state-of-the-art IT security mechanisms.

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