Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M

Energy saving made easy.

Compressed air systems harbour huge potential for energy savings. The only question is how you can exploit them easily and efficiently. Here is the answer: The energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M from Festo monitors and regulates the compressed air supply in your systems, whether new or existing ones. So you can get going right now.

The data collected by the energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M is prepared and neatly displayed on the appropriate condition monitoring dashboard. Up to 99 users can access the stored data, evaluations and API interfaces for networking with their own systems. Thanks to the cloud architecture, it is also easy to monitor and control widely distributed systems and various control systems. The most important functions are:

  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Auto shut-off
  • Process control & leakage detection

Energy consumption monitoring

Is the system consuming more now than it did a month or a year ago? Is the pressure set correctly? How much compressed air is required per batch? One look at the condition monitoring dashboard will provide you with the answers to these and many other questions. Here, the data collected by the E2M are easily captured in infographics.


Auto shut-off

Practical: Similar to the start-stop system in a car, the E2M detects a standby mode and automatically shuts off the compressed air supply on the basis of individually predefined data. The compressed air consumption then drops to zero, even if there are leakages in the system. The supply can be restarted manually at any time using the machine’s control panel.

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Process control and leakage detection

When the compressed air supply is shut down, the E2M checks the system for leakages.  If the pressure drops rapidly, you will receive an indication of possible leakages. That way, you can always service the equipment at the right moment and save a lot of money.

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