Faster engineering, simpler ordering

A ready-to-install handling system in record time: with the Handling Guide Online

GN Thermoforming Equipment, located in Chester, Canada, is the global market leader for thin, thermoformed plastic objects such as food containers. They came across the Handling Guide Online from Festo when searching for more economical solutions to integrate in-house developed pick & place systems into their machines. This enables these systems to be designed and integrated into the machine in a flash.

New technologies wanted. Efficiency booster found.

When the latest thermoforming system, the GN800, was developed in 2016, GN decided to search for new technologies for the pick & place system and came across Festo and the Handling Guide Online. This online tool makes designing handling systems child’s play and delivers suitable results extremely quickly. The proposed solutions enabled GN to achieve the desired increase in productivity as well as the ability to execute at least 45 picks per minute.

The containers that are made by GN's machines using thin plastic and a heat-forming process have a huge variety of applications, including in the food industry. Specially developed tools then press the heated plastic into the desired shape. At the customer’s request, the engineers at GN also develop pick & place solutions that stack finished products as they come out of the machine, so-called robotic stackers.

Faster engineering, simpler ordering

Thanks to rapid engineering, GN800 is also one of the fastest on the market, even with robotic stacking. The documentation provided by the Handling Guide saves time too. Laborious searching, for example for replacement parts, is no longer necessary. At the same time, development costs are reduced because the design of the linear gantry has already been established – and employees can concentrate on other important design elements.

Purchasing also benefits from the decision to design the pick & place solutions using the Handling Guide Online. The fact that there is just one single part number for the entire linear gantry simplifies ordering and data management, and makes them less expensive as well.

Four days? More like four hours! Huge reduction in assembly and set-up times

Pre-tested solutions from the Handling Guide Online are pre-assembled and delivered in one piece to facilitate quick installation and short setup times. This reduces the previous installation time of four working days to four hour

More room in production

Last but not least, the automatically optimised sizing feature of the handling systems from Festo means the GN800 is smaller and thus requires considerably less space than the previous solutions. Overhead costs are reduced as a result and there is more space at the production location.


Reduced costs and faster time-to-market

The Handling Guide Online offers advantages along the entire value chain. The management team at GN is very satisfied with this solution. Not only do the cost reductions play an important role for GN, but also other factors such as faster time-to-market and potential time savings for the employees of GN and its customers.


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