Festo Automation Suite

Everything in one software package. Seamless commissioning from the mechanical system to the controller.

The PC-based Festo Automation Suite software simplifies the parameterisation, programming and maintenance of Festo components in one program. It enables the entire drive package, from the mechanical system to the controller, to be commissioned. Perfect for making industrial automation simple, efficient and seamless.

The benefits at a glance

Seamless connection of the HMI/control level to the drive level in a very understandable and intuitive form

The PLC programmers can quickly find their way around the Festo Automation Suite, reducing training to a minimum. 

The scanning of stations in the network, as well as their integration into the machine topology by drag-and-drop is also convenient and fast.

Machine topologies are easy to visualise graphically, and displayed in the background in an independently created program structure.

A quick introduction to the relevant PLC programming in CODESYS V3 is possible for motion control up to robotic functions.

The Festo Automation Suite offers fast and very easy access to all information and documentation on the stations, such as data sheets, device description files and plug-ins.

Thanks to device-specific plug-ins, extensions can be searched for and installed quickly and easily.

The Festo Automation Suite as a PC-based software combines the parameterisation, programming and maintenance of Festo components into a single program.

The configuration and parameterisation of a fully operational drive system is carried out in just five steps using the Initial Commissioning Wizard.

Complete commissioning with only two clicks

The basic functionalities of all Festo components are already integrated into the software. You can customise the software to your exact needs using plug-ins and add-ons that you can install directly from the program.

Your drive system will be up and running in only five steps thanks to the initial commissioning wizard. With just two clicks the servo drive CMMT-AS is integrated into the control program of the CPX-E.

The Festo Automation Suite makes it easy:

  • Display of component links

All components used are listed

  • User-orientated design

Components can be inserted by dragging and dropping and their communication relationship can be represented by a line

  • Navigation similar to a web browser

Device-specific content is displayed via tabs

  • Installing plug-ins

Search for device-specific add-ons simply using part numbers or an order code and then install them from the program

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Software available free of charge

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