Pneumatic Sizing


Child's play

You may have already asked yourself: Isn't there a quicker and more accurate way to calculate the optimal pneumatic control chain? Yes, there is!

And you will not just be offered one design version but up to three that are suitable for your application. Thanks to Pneumatic Sizing.

This is the new pneumatic calculation tool from Festo. By entering three application parameters such as load, stroke and positioning time, you will get up to three suggestions: the perfectly precise result, as well as the performance and eco versions. Festo makes designing your pneumatic control chain child’s play.

Pneumatic sizing

  • Customising pneumatic control chains is quick and easy
  • Enter: 3 application parameters
  • Get: Up to 3 design versions matching the applications – precise, eco or performance
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Pneumatic sizing allows you to benefit from:

  • Optimal air consumption, or
  • the ideal process time per cycle, and
  • direct connections to the Festo Online Shop!

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